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Taking arnica root and drinking pineapple juice before Botox injections and surgical procedures has been shown to reduce bruising!

The day is here and you spent months, maybe years, contemplating cosmetic surgery. You read the articles, and interviewed plastic surgeons. You made the choice and had the surgery. Your recovery may be a few days or a few weeks, depending on the surgery you had.

Your first priority should be your health. Carefully follow all the instructions your surgeon gave you. Give your body every chance to heal. The best rule for cosmetic surgery patients is lots of rest, no strenuous exercise, lots of liquids, and no exertion.

While you're healing, you have time on your hands. Apart from looking compulsively in the mirror every time you pass it, what else can you do? Until some of the bruising and swelling subsides, you probably won’t want to go out, except for your follow-up appointments.

Here are a few helpful pointers that should help you recovery a little quicker from your procedure, we have found from previous patients the following advice when taken can speed up the recovery period.  Click here for more


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